Our program is organized in the following student groups:

5-9 years:

Number sense 0-1000 (Operations and place value)
Number sense is a group of skills that allow people to work with numbers, they will prepare the student for deeper knowledge.

Fundamental base that is going to help children with their times tables learning and to explain the relationship between multiplication and division.

Is a fundamental for the kids, recognize and learn how to use it to describe the world around us through word problem and more.

Word problems give students the opportunity to practice turning situations into numbers. This is critical as students’ progress in their education, as well as in their day-to-day life.

Kids start comparing things very young, and they don’t need to know about formal units, like pounds and inches, to do it. Children’s early ideas about measurement, such as comparing sizes, form the basis for other important aspects of mathematical thinking and learning.

Your brain makes geometric spatial calculations as you step your foot out of bed in the morning or parallel park a car. you are developing spatial reasoning and problem-solving skills.

The ability to read a clock impacts our life at home, at school, at work, and in social settings.

Data displays are beneficial for children in a variety of ways. They are great for problem solving, decision making, and using logical thinking and reasoning to explain their choices. They support organizational skills, as graphs are a very organized way to show data.

Money games for children are a great way for kids to learn the ins and outs of money management in a safe, controlled, and fun space.

10- 13 years:

Place Value through Thousandths and basic operations (additions, subtraction, multiply and division, plot, order, compare)
It is crucial to the learning of trading rules that underlie whole number operations. As a result, it is the most important building block for number sense.

Understanding to work and manipulate fractions and decimal are opening the door to later math learning.

These are basic skill of algebra and equations are useful to solve our daily life problem.

Data y Estadística al nivel de grado
Geometría and teoremas.
Relaciones lineales.